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Knitting ( Knitting) and Textile

Geert De Poorter, current manager of NV De Poorter and BVBA Knittex, was taught industrial knitting from scratch.

He obtained his diploma at the knitting school VTS in Sint Niklaas.

In 1985 he founded his own business - 'knitting as a contract' for the fashion world and in 1989 together with his wife Ingrid Van Holsbeke NV De Poorter.


The new company mainly focused on the creation of its own women's collection for wholesalers, both at home and abroad.

In a period of economic downturn and high personnel costs, and under pressure from massive imports from low-wage countries, they eventually sought new niche markets, more specifically focused on circular knitting machines.


The balance between fashionable knitwear and technical knitwear increasingly shifted to the specific technical products in circular knitting.


After obtaining expert advice, Geert and Ingrid decided to change course, stop the ready-to-wear line and focus entirely on technical knitwear.

This led to the foundation in 2007 of 'BVBA Knittex', in which son Frederik is very active.

Frederik followed a general technical training and during his knitting training with his father, he quickly mastered the tricks of the trade. Frederik immerses himself in the rapidly evolving technology of electronic machines and regularly visits foreign manufacturers.


Father and son form a strong dynamic team with a long-term vision. BVBA Knittex guarantees development, production and growth.

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